Saturday, February 2, 2013

Read My Lips: So What?

     The always-classy, beautiful, mind-bogglingly talented Beyonce performed a breath-taking rendition of the national anthem at Obama's inauguration. She was dignified, tasteful and flawless to watch and I don't think the American public could reasonably have asked for more from a performer on the momentous occasion. I will abide by my own rule that politics have no place on this blog but I will say that she did the President and country much honor with a tasteful and elegant offering.
     You'd have to be living under a rock to not know by now that (gasp) this magnificent performance was lip-synced. I mean my gosh, has there not been one other news-worthy story for Entertainment Tonight, Extra and Access Hollywood to cover within a seven-day span? I am not a die-hard entertainment news show viewer, however I do enjoy a good dose of broadcast pop culture every now and again to keep myself afloat of important Hollywood goings-on. Well over the course of the last week, my roughly four seven-o-clock ET viewings have taught me nothing more than I already knew a few minutes after the inauguration ended. "BEYONCE LIP-SYNCED!" And here is what I have to say to that...who really cares?
     Beyonce has clearly demonstrated time after time, performance after performance, that she is a talented and true songstress. We've watched her grow up from a cookie cutter girl-band teenager to a full-fledged Mariah Carey-esque diva. Her voice is without question one of the best in today's music industry. With that being said, I am at a minor loss as to why the country is so up-in-arms over her one time not-as-live-as-it-could-be presidential performance. I mean honestly, she was tasked with performing the most nationally recognizable song in front of the President of the United States, the entire White House staff and not to mention, the entire breathing nation. So she pre-recorded the song the day prior and "lipped" over it this one highly critical what?! I think she is entitled to a little self-assurance for her biggest televised performance to date. There is no need for this unnecessary pop-culture-spread hullabaloo, Beyonce is not Milli Vanilli V2, and she is the same amazingly talented singer she was before the inauguration "fiasco" took place. I would genuinely like to see any of these quick-to-judge reporters, American Idol wanna-bes or critics do half as well as she did.  So let's all just cut Beyonce a little slack here, people. Deal with it, she is classier, better dressed, and more talented than any of us can ever hope to be ... and that's no lip service.

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