Saturday, February 2, 2013

Weather or Not

     I think it's safe to say that at this point, the healthy majority of folks living in the twenty-first century own a smartphone. As always, of course, I must caveat that I am speaking predominantly from an urban standpoint. From both my media-planning stance and also simply from living in the world, I have ascertained (at the risk of being overly obvious) that the first activity most people engage in upon waking up is checking the native weather app on their smartphone. It just makes sense -- wake up, anticipate coming day, plan one's outfit agenda-and-weather-accordingly. Now having set the stage on consumer weather-checking behavior, I feel I can comfortably move on. So to momentarily back track.  Wake up - check. Coffee - check. Monitor weather - check. Next up - Facebook. Now to bring this to a personal level.
     Inevitably, no matter what the season, what the temperature or humidity index, I would say my Facebook newsfeed is roughly 25% consumed by weather-related posts on a daily basis. Being that it is currently winter (yes, I know, a cold one here in New York City), these diverse posts range from screen-shotted weather apps to the ever-popular "I'm coooold" complaints to the most obvious of them all, "Snow!!!!!!" one-liners. I am in no position to sit in my moral throne judging those who overshare on Facebook or other social networks since I am fairly certain others would dub me with that very  label, however I do feel warranted in assigning the lightest of judgments on these over-obvious posters. I, as do most of us, enjoy a witty Facebook peer post, however I am confident in saying none of these enjoyable posts have nor ever will involve weather as a subject matter.
     Yesterday morning I woke up this particular gem "Not even twenty degrees outside!" Noooo-fucking-way, I hadn't checked the weather for myself in the two hours since arising this morning to see that it was nineteen degrees, hadn't yet hurriedly run to the gym fast enough so my legs wouldn't freeze or seen my own smoky breath.  No way, I would NEVER have known it was cold out had you not written that utterly unnecessary, uninformative update. Thank you so very much for that tidbit. (Insert wish for sarcasm font).
     In summary, fellow Facebook comrades, I think you can safely make the assumption that everyone in your network of friends has already checked the weather by the time you are about to write that what-you-think-is-funny weather post for the rest of us to eye-roll at. So please, spare your thumbs the activity and your peers from what we already know. It't winter, it's cold, and that's just life.

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