Tuesday, November 12, 2013

An Open Letter to My College Self

Dear Young Me,

I only have fond memories of my Ann Arbor days as a little Wolverine. These words are true. We had a grand old time those four years and in water-cooler-ish college conversation, I say that I wouldn't change a thing. But the real truth is, if you would indulge me to grant you a few words of advice, I have a few things to say. I would tell you to do a couple things differently, suggest a few additions and tweaks, and just give you some overall guidance. So, young college self, here are my words of wisdom.

Care less. You don't realize how utterly carefree and responsibility-free you are right now during these four years of your life. You're never going to have them again... ever. There won't ever be a day post-graduation during which you won't wonder, "When is pay day?" "What is my bank account balance?" "Did I pay all my bills?" These questions will haunt you like floating little ghosts in your grown-up brain. Just relish your young days while you still have them. Don't worry so much - you have the rest of your life to do that. And worry is just a misuse of the imagination, anyway.

Live more. All those "crazy" things that other people sometimes did and you wondered why they would do them... you should do them too. Stay for spring term even though you have no idea how to fund it. Go out every single night of the week just because you can. You know you can write that paper in a day, anyway. Engage in reckless partying, well, maybe not totally reckless, but moderately reckless. Just live it the hell up and don't look back.

Go to more football games. Even though you don't like (or, hate is perhaps a more accurate word) the sport itself, it's like, a crime not to with the what-you-will-know-ten-years-later-as-epic Big House right there, totally accessible for your attendance. Get some sun and you'll learn to like America's favorite sport. Well, maybe.

Get season tickets to Michigan basketball games. For as much of an NBA fan as you are, Ms. Bulls-to-Knicks-in-a-few-years, it is a total travesty not to take advantage of the awesomeness (and convenience) of the U of M basketball games. Even though most of your sorority sisters slash friends likely wouldn't be down for that, so what? Find some alternate, non-Greek ladies or gents with whom to attend. It will be good for you to find some different friends anyway. Do it.

Ditch the North Face. A little materialistic and silly, I know, but please, don't add to that sea of puffy-people-who-all-look-the-same. There are enough to begin with - get yourself a stylish pea coat or something, anything other than that same damn hideous North Face. It's okay to be different, I promise.

That's all for now, Young Me. Take what I said or leave it but take it from Old(er)You, it's solid advice. Have a great time and Go Blue.


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