Monday, July 7, 2014

On Life

I am really happy to be writing again. Going back to something you love after taking an unintended leave of absence is a soulful experience. It brings you back. It warms your spirit, connects with your lets you really do you. And sometimes, isn't that precisely what we all need? Well, I think so.

This is not going to be an overly verbose or lengthy post since what I have to posit is actually quite concise for once. I think what I wish to share today is just this bit of wisdom that I myself have learned in the recent months, or more accurately actually, weeks. Brace yourself because this is a minor departure from my normally snarky tone but I am feeling a bit philosophical this morning. I have learned that life is not always what you think it is going to be. The road is not always a straight one (and no, I mean no double entendre here despite what you may think), in fact sometimes, it curves and then reaches a totally unexpected dead end right when you think you have found your way back. The streets can be rocky, the trails unmarked and the signs all faded along the way. It happens. And you can find yourself just standing there. Alone. A little lost. Thinking, where am I? Now what?

It happens. It happened. To me. And while I am still there and still sort of trying to find my way proverbial way back, not to the starting point but to a different midway point, I am learning as I go. The unknown is scary, blurry, and oftentimes harsh. But it can also be enlightening if you let it. Not knowing where you are, not knowing what or who comes next or how to figure that out is something we can all learn to embrace. And I am finding that if we remember to continually "do us", to hold onto what remains in our cores, it makes the unknown foggy road just a touch clearer. At least for me and for now.

Take this metaphorical lofty life waxing for what you will. It won't happen again soon. But this is how I feel and that much I know is true.

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